Dynamic :

A) Lunges x 20
B) Air Squats x 15

Mobility :

A) Hip Opening
B) Calf Smash

Metcon (No Measure) Air Squat Technique :

1) Rep starts a finishes with open hips
2) Toes pointed out slightly
3) Heels Under Shoulder
4) Knees track to toes
5) Maintain tight core
6) Butt shifts down and diagonally back
7) Weight in heels
8) Neutral head position
9) Squeeze glutes at the top of rep

Metcon (No Measure) Thruster Technique :

1) Weight in heels
2) Use hips to help generate power for the press overhead.
3) Elbows in front of the bar
4) Push head through at the top
5) Wait for bar to return to collar bone for going in to next squat
6) Be efficient. Don't rush the rep.

Metcon (No Measure) Wall Ball Technique :

1) Generate power with hips going upward to assist with throw.
2) Keep core tight
3) Keep weight on the heels
4) Keep elbows tight (= power position for throw)
5) Hit 10 foot target
6) Wait to catch ball before returning to the squat.

Metcon (No Measure) Death by Wall Ball

Minute 1 - 2 Unbroken Wall Ball
Minute 2 - 4 Unbroken Wall Ball
Minute 3 - 6 Unbroken Wall Ball

Reps increase by 2 each set until athlete can't finish the required reps within the minute.

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