Brad Weems - Owner, Coach 

After a personal weight loss success story of his own, Brad Weems decided to become a trainer in 2008 with his first job in Morristown, TN. Originally ISSA certified, Brad specialized in weight loss and overall fitness. In late 2009, he was introduced to CrossFit and was instantly hooked. May 2010 came around and Brad moved to Johnson City where he worked at Tri-Cities Lifestyle Center until deciding to take the leap of faith to get CrossFit certified and start what is today Thunder Valley CrossFit with his business partner, Chris Rasnake.

Chris Rasnake - Owner, Coach

With credentials of 1998 Distinguished HS Athlete of Virginia, 2002 National Collegiate Football All-Star, 2004+2005 World Gym International Trainer of the Year, and 10 years training experience under his belt, Coach Chris Rasnake is a beast to say the least. After years of being a competitive bodybuilder and powerlifter, CrossFit provided Chris with a new avenue to challenge himself. Little did he know that the new challenge of CrossFit would lead to establishing what is now Thunder Valley CrossFit.

Josh King, Head Coach of Thunder Valley CrossFit 

In late 2009, early 2010, Josh was first introduced to CrossFit. He became instantly hooked and it changed his life. Josh underwent an amazing personal weight loss journey and decided to become a CrossFit trainer himself. Josh began his career in the fitness industry at the Tri-Cities Lifestyle center as a floor trainer. After battling back from knee surgery, Josh became a CrossFit Level 1 trainer and was then given an opportunity to become a coach at another local CrossFit affiliate. After several months of coaching, Josh decided to make a change and move to Thunder Valley CrossFit. Josh is currently attending school at East Tennessee State University. Josh has been doing CrossFit for 4 years. He has qualified for USAW Junior Nationals, apart of the Southern Amateur Grid League (SAGL) Tennessee Ten, and also qualified for the National Pro Grid League (NPGL) combine of 2015. Josh has competed in the CrossFit Games Open twice, with placements of 647th and 343rd in the region.  He has a 330lbs Clean and jerk and 260lbs Snatch. Josh gains his passion for CrossFit through his competitiveness drive, the sport of fitness, to become a better person, and the relationship between clients, friends and family. Josh’s motivation is not just to do better as an athlete or coach, but to help others succeed and have fun while succeeding!


Melissa Fleming, Fit Club director/ Fit Club Head Coach

Melissa’s fitness journey began five years ago when she was overweight and unhappy with the path she was on. She decided for the first time in her life to make better food choices and to try and find a kind of exercise that could get her the results she wanted physically and mentally. She tried Crossfit with her husband in 2013 and loved it, but was majorly intimidated by the barbell and group fitness aspects. Melissa would pull in the gym parking lot and if there were too many cars, she would go home. After weeks of doing this, she knew it wasn’t getting her any closer to her goals. After committing to go in no matter what, she hasn’t looked back! She loved it so much that just a few short months after starting Crossfit she got her L1. Remembering her initial intimidation and uncertainties she was excited about the opportunity to be involved with a program at Thunder Valley Fitness called Fit Club. She believed that a program like Fit Club would have been a great first step for her when she was intimidated by all the barbells movements and being in a group atmosphere in Crossfit. Melissa is a mother of three, Co-Program Manager for Girls on the Run of Northeast Tennessee, personal trainer, and Head Coach of Fit Club. She enjoys being with her family, meeting new people, and the occasional cookie.


Janey White, Fit Club coach


Janey's fitness journey began when she was a sophomore in high school and decided to try cross country for the first time. She instantly fell in love with running and later received the opportunity to run competitively at Milligan College for four years. She trained for long distance events, including a 10k and two marathons. Janey loves anything that requires endurance and a mental challenge. Although she planned on running competitively after college, she was introduced to CrossFit a year later at Thunder Valley CrossFit. She was immediately hooked and has never looked back. Today, Janey is a teacher and a cross country coach at T.A. Dugger Middle School. She enjoys being competitive, working out with her CrossFit community, and pushing other to be their best self!  


 Eric Hite, CrossFit coach

Eric is a native of East Tennessee. He played collegiate baseball at Maryville College and graduated in 2007 with a degree in physical education. After graduation, Eric decided to take his fitness more serious. With improved diet, long-distance running and globo-style workouts, he lost over 50 lbs. He was introduced to CrossFit in 2013. He enjoys how CrossFit incorporates barbell work with metabolic conditioning and the overall improvements it offers. He obtained his Level-1 Certification in 2016.


Josh Dorsey, Fit Club coach


Joshua Dorsey is a native of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.  While looking to improve his overall fitness, Josh joined Thunder Valley CrossFit in 2014 and started on his personal fitness journey.  Since 2014, Josh has participated in both CrossFit and FitClub and obtained his group fitness certification in 2019.  Helping members find their personal potential, meet and make progress towards goals and creating a judge free zone with awesome music is what keeps Josh coaching.  In his free time, Josh enjoys participating in Spartan races, local 5K’s, wakeboarding, snow skiing, and traveling.  Josh is currently employed with James H. Quillen VA Medical Center and works in the operating room.

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