Head Coach of Thunder Valley CrossFit

In late 2009, early 2010, Josh was first introduced to CrossFit. He became instantly hooked and it changed his life. Josh underwent an amazing personal weight loss journey and decided to become a CrossFit trainer himself. Josh began his career in the fitness industry at the Tri-Cities Lifestyle center as a floor trainer. After battling back from knee surgery, Josh became a CrossFit Level 1 trainer and was then given an opportunity to become a coach at another local CrossFit affiliate. After several months of coaching, Josh decided to make a change and move to Thunder Valley CrossFit. Josh is currently attending school at East Tennessee State University. Josh has been doing CrossFit for 4 years. He has qualified for USAW Junior Nationals, apart of the Southern Amateur Grid League (SAGL) Tennessee Ten, and also qualified for the National Pro Grid League (NPGL) combine of 2015. Josh has competed in the CrossFit Games Open twice, with placements of 647th and 343rd in the region.  He has a 330lbs Clean and jerk and 260lbs Snatch. Josh gains his passion for CrossFit through his competitiveness drive, the sport of fitness, to become a better person, and the relationship between clients, friends and family. Josh’s motivation is not just to do better as an athlete or coach, but to help others succeed and have fun while succeeding!