Fit Club director/ Fit Club Head Coach

Melissa’s fitness journey began five years ago when she was overweight and unhappy with the path she was on. She decided for the first time in her life to make better food choices and to try and find a kind of exercise that could get her the results she wanted physically and mentally. She tried Crossfit with her husband in 2013 and loved it, but was majorly intimidated by the barbell and group fitness aspects. Melissa would pull in the gym parking lot and if there were too many cars, she would go home. After weeks of doing this, she knew it wasn’t getting her any closer to her goals. After committing to go in no matter what, she hasn’t looked back! She loved it so much that just a few short months after starting Crossfit she got her L1. Remembering her initial intimidation and uncertainties she was excited about the opportunity to be involved with a program at Thunder Valley Fitness called Fit Club. She believed that a program like Fit Club would have been a great first step for her when she was intimidated by all the barbells movements and being in a group atmosphere in Crossfit. Melissa is a mother of three, Co-Program Manager for Girls on the Run of Northeast Tennessee, personal trainer, and Head Coach of Fit Club. She enjoys being with her family, meeting new people, and the occasional cookie.